Reliably collecting as much data as possible is essential to the success of a citizen science campaign. offers you the tool to create the neccessary systems yourselves. Building your own citizen science application has never been easier.

Citizen Science Apps

Build customized citizen science apps using the platform. Each app is released as a stand-alone smartphone application for Android and iOS.

Sensor Integration

Do not worry if you citizen science project relies on (DIY) sensor kits. can seamlessly combine various data sources.

Realtime Dashboards

Our fully customizable dashboards enable you to explore and analyze your data in realtime. Motivate your project's participants with instant visible progress.

Get inspirid by these citizen science applications created by our community.

Tally Counting App

Better than a paper tally sheet. Customise your tally counter app and manage multiple counters in parallel.

Air Quality Monitoring

Measure air quality through external sensors that can be easily connected to your app.

Cyclist Tracking

Accurately track users with GPS, detect transport modes, set up geo-fences, and analyse mobility patterns.